Open Source selection and deployment

Open source systems have invaded the closed source market of the software industry. Today, thousands of applications are developed under an open source umbrella.

Some of these projects have been used in corporations world wide and are mature enough to replace many of the propriety software. Others are based on individual efforts that might represent a long term risk in adopting.

Open source projects include but are not limited to desktop operating systems, server based operating systems, web servers, database servers, MS office replacement systems, VOIP telephony systems and many many more.

The biggest obstacle in deploying open source projects within an organization is employee resistance. This is not limited to the user, but also involves the IT department or sections within the organization. We understand that some of this resistance relates to the difficulty of deployment and training for some of the projects. While other reasons might include the learning curve needed to implement many of these projects.

We believe that there is always a place for open source applications within an organization. Visual Solutions will analyse your needs and fill in the gap for proper deployment and usage for such systems.