Hotel reservation system

Hotel and Hospitality sectors have several demands that dictate certain design requirements not found in most other systems. Due to the nature of this industry, the following criteria have to always be put up forth when designing modules and solutions for that sector:

High Level of System Availability

Hotel and Hospitality operations are performed around the clock. Having system downtime could be disastrous to the smooth flow of the business. The loss of data is detrimental to all business.

There are infinite reasons why and how such catastrophes occur. Addressing recovery strategies is what Visual Solutions is mainly concerned with.

Depending on the size of data loss, information like future reservations made for clients, current guest bills, and any other information could be destroyed.

Guest Services

Hotel and Hospitality services need to be tentative to the guest’s needs. One emerging need include a business center.

Visual Solutions can perform such preparations including wireless hotspots.

Staff Turnover

Hotel and Hospitality businesses tend to have a high rate of employee turnover. Systems made to service such an industry need to be intuitive by design and easy to train on.

  • Front End Invoicing Module
  • Call Accounting System
  • Internet Cafe and Business Center
  • Network Infrastructure