Consultation Services

One of Visual Solutions core business strength is its consultation division. Whether you need a second opinion on an internally submitted IT related plan or to restructure and reorganize your IT department, consultation with Visual Solutions is the right choice for you.

You can be assured that we will only endorse what is best for your company. We provide you with choices and alternatives to accomplish your tasks while keeping a balance between initial investment cost and running costs for your requirements.

Visual Solutions can act as a mediator between your organization and other providers. Through analyzing the submitted proposals and evaluating each proposal based on a number of criteria we provide you with the finest solution that fits your requirements.

We understand that in the IT business there are many ways to cut on costs for developing and delivering a solution. Such techniques are practiced by many companies in order to provide the client with a low cost initial proposal. Once a company locks in a client with the initial product, changes and required modifications might cost the client additions on the initial cost of the product. We make sure that our clients avoid such a trap.